Friday, May 01, 2009


In 17 years of marriage I have never bought anything but the cheap white or the cheap brown rice. Until now! No wonder Kris never ever liked my fried rice. The kids loved it, no matter how gooey it was. But, I really dont like cooking meals that the whole family wont eat, because I end up cooking two meals.
A week or so ago I daringly bought some basmati rice and cooked it up, then stuck it in the fridge overnight. The next day I made the best fried rice ever! The kids raved over it and Kris liked it. He ate it and didnt complain - that's what counts. He did not love it, but at least we are making progress! :o)
Erinn is having a worse week than she did last week. On Wednesday the allergist said she doesn't have airborne type allergies or a sinus infection, or anything at all wrong that he could find.

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