Saturday, May 30, 2009

Milk in your eyes.

The perils of being a greedy pig.
Erinn woke up feeling half way decent this morning! No fever... she wandered outside at 7:30 and asked me if I had seen Glory. Next thing I knew she was riding Glory bareback and asking me if it looked like she was limping. No limp, thank goodness! (Glory stepped on a piece of wire a week ago, and after Kris pulled it out she had a bad limp for 3 days.) She rode for half an hour and when she came in the house I was washing up the milk bucket, etc. She looked pale and exhausted. A quick temp check revealed that the fever was back... :o( Ah well, I am thankful that she managed to get a quick ride in this morning! It is a rare thing nowadays.
Our wonderful neighbor brought us brisket for lunch! And when we gave him some new potatoes out of the garden that an armadillo had dug up he offered us the loan of various kinds of snares and traps. I'm just guessing it was an armadillo because everything in that section of the garden was rooted up, but not eaten. When I dug around some more pulling up the tiny potatoes it didn't look like anything was eaten. But, I found lots of big fat juicy grubs, which I am sure the armadillo (or whatever it was) had found too.
Our wonderful neighbor has also invited Kris and Mooky to go down to his catfish pond this afternoon to shoot at some water moccasins he saw a few days ago. His sight is failing, and although he shot at them, he is sure he missed. I'll update with pictures later if we get to go.

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