Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bad Roosters

Of all the chicks we hatched out this year, it seems like way more than half were roosters... or at least that is what the hens are telling me now! They are being run ragged by all these young punks and I decided to take 3 at a time and butcher, then can them. So, before dawn I grabbed these 3 off their perch by the store room and threw them in the milk room where they got to watch me milk and await their execution. ;o)
Below is how they turned out - it was actually the 3 roosters in the pic and a much smaller half banty, half Maran rooster too. He's been a terror so when Mooky saw what I was planning he got the net and ran that little fellow down. He finally caught him and said "Please! Do this one too!"
So 3.5 young roosters made 4 quart jars of mostly broth and 5 quart jars of "Soup Starter". All I put in was chicken, celery, onion, and salt.

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