Thursday, August 13, 2009

What we've been doing...

We went to a home school convention in Houston, but it turned out to be a family get together as well. The speaker we (adults) enjoyed most and were most inspired by was Voddie Baucham, but they were all good. The kids enjoyed John Erickson the most.

Erinn, Tana, John Erickson (author of Hank the Cowdog), Dalton, Rowdy

Dalton and Calvin

Most of the Cousins. Alex and the Neumann kids were missing.

Michael and Matthew

Erinn, Jenny, and Tana
the nearly 13 year old cousins!

Jacob really enjoyed Mooky's sword.

Claudia, Matthew, Jacob and Michael

Jacob taking pictures of everyone.

Erinn and Kris

Matthew, Michael and Claudia

Tana and Erinn

Maliel and his fiancee Beth

The four kids really enjoying listening to John Erickson.

The boys showing off their Hank t-shirts.

Erich, Erinn, Tana, and Halcy at the home school convention.

Kiwi with her computer open, probably booking the hotel room for the night.
Kris got at least 6 comments from various people about his t-shirt. The blue part says "Not Texas, not Texas, not Texas, and Definitely Not Texas."

Kiwi, Tana, and Rowdy laughing together at the boys.

The boys laughing together (at Kiwi, Tana, and Rowdy?)

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