Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 4, Month 1

James sleeping on a hot hot day.
He's getting old- 13 years!
Whew! Each day has been pretty hard on Mooky, and is getting worse rather than better. He seems to have a VERY sensitive stomach and just cant handle the antibiotics. Today Doc told me to cut him down to a half dose on both antibiotics. However, he seems fine in the evening, so I think he can handle a full dose at night. Tomorrow morning he will just get a half and hopefully that will help him a lot. He gets huge stabbing stomach pains and diarrhea and is very miserable.

It hasnt affected Erinn like that at all though. She has trouble getting all the pills down throughout the day, but doesnt seem to be feeling any worse OR any better. Well, her legs have been very tired and hurting, and that's a new problem.

Tomorrow they start the CCE (Samento) drops, so that oughta be interesting.

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