Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day 5, Month 1

And double ugh.
Today was the first day on the Samento and it was AWFUL. Erinn felt worse during the morning and laid on the couch looking pale and feverish with a headache. But, what was worse was Mooky's reaction. MAJOR depression attack. Well, that means it's doing some good, if we can just survive it. I'm backing down from 3 drops to 2 and see if they can handle that a little better, and we'll move up slower.
I had penned up 5 obnoxious roosters last night to butcher this morning, and then after breakfast the kids fell to pieces. So, after milking the goats I picked up the pieces as best I could and quickly butchered the roosters and threw them in the ice chest. Tomorrow I will can them and make broth to can as well.
It rained a little bit today - YIPPEE!!

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