Friday, September 04, 2009

God is Good!

Well, to treat both kids for Lyme Disease is going to cost $425 or so for just the first month for prescriptions, plus the 4 kinds of probiotics I have to get at the health food store. Mum and Dad bought the herbal stuff from Doc that we needed, so that was a big help and a big blessing!

There is NO WAY that the insurance will pay for this.

So, we're sitting around talking about it and trying to figure out how we'll swing it this month, when suddenly I remembered that I had been saving money to buy a miniature milk cow. LOL

Aha! There's the money we need to cover this month's meds - thank you LORD!!!

So, I'm off to Fredericksburg in the morning to get the meds... the kids have already started the Artemisinin and the minerals.

I'm Back from town. UPDATE! It didnt cost $425 after all because I asked the pharmacist if they could match anyone's lower price and they said yes! So, I ended up paying $290 instead. YIPPEE! Then I headed to the health food store for probiotics. They were having a store wide 20% off sale. That was a savings of $12 more.

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