Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Lyme Disease

After being sick and running a fever every day for almost six months, and seeing many many doctors, Erinn has finally been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. We got her test results yesterday, September 1.

Mooky had a positive lyme test a couple years ago, and at that time he was too sick with stomach problems to be able to handle the treatment. So, now he and Erinn both will be treated for Lyme at the same time. Mooky's knees have been hurting him very badly for a long time now. He has various other joint pains too, but his knees hurt constantly. Hopefully they will both recover soon!

I almost finished up with the pears today. I picked through them and used up all the ripe ones.

Here's what I made:

8 pints of cherry vanilla (pear) jam - you can barely taste the pear flavor. This will be good with plain yogurt!
2 pints of cherry vanilla pear sauce
8 pints of pear sauce
10 pints of raspberry pear sauce
& 2 trays of dried pears. If we like these, I will make more.

This is my "canning grill" on the deck.

These jars, plus 5 more in the kitchen, are the ones I did today.

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