Sunday, November 01, 2009

3rd month of antibiotics

"This is the toughest cycle." -- Dr. Braun.

Starting at 6 am and ending at 11 pm, there are 7 times per day that the kids have to take either Tetracycline or Metronidazole. With the Tetracycline they cant have any dairy 2 hours before or after.... *sigh*
I dont know how we'll manage, but hopefully we can figure something out. Erinn can not take meds on an empty stomach.
BOTH kids are having a LOT of stomach problems right now due to a BIG MISTAKE that I made on Mooky's birthday. I'd like to blame Blue Bell for changing the ingredients in an ice cream flavor that use to be safe, but honestly it was MY fault for not double checking the ingredients.
Mooky was bound to have stomach troubles anyway due to eating sugar, but with the addition of gluten it is 10 times worse. He has only had sugar about 2 or 3 times a month since August. And sometimes not even that often. We have seen a big improvement in several areas when he is sugar free!
He had a great 17th birthday and I will try to get the pictures up soon!

We were given 7 rabbits and 4 cages from a neighbor who moved. She had planned to butcher 3 of them (4 months old) but ran out of time. So, I butchered the 3 within a couple days of getting them and was amazed at how easy and quick it is compared to butchering a chicken! Honestly, I did not kill them myself as they are awful cute and fluffy. Mooky did one, and then went in due to being sick, so Kris came out and did the other two for me. I am sure I could do it myself eventually. It got a lot easier with chickens the more I did it.
We gave one rabbit to Halcy who in return is going to share a recipe with us. RIGHT, Halc? Dont forget!! :o)
I cooked the other 2 this evening and they were delicious! I cooked them in the crock pot with some chicken broth and spices and made a gravy that we ate over rice. I was very proud of the kids that they didnt bat an eyelash. Just willingly tasted it and thought it was great. I know that I shouldnt expect any less of them but sometimes they do surprise me!

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