Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jack of All Trades

Customer says to Kris: Thanks for looking at my fridge and my old '78 truck while you were out here installing the dryer for me. I could have called the Maytag Man out here but I doubt he would have been able to figure out what was wrong with the truck, and besides that, he would have thought I was really crazy for even asking!

Mooky and Kris are back out at that same house today working on a tractor and putting a new fuel filter in that old truck. It's nice that Kris can fix so many things! This week we have several things to work on, but it's still slow going. Hopefully over time, business will pick up.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Sayings and terms resembling 'jack of all trades' appear in almost all languages. Whether they are meant positively or negatively varies, and is dependent on the context.

Cantonese: 周身刀,無張利. ("Surrounded by knives, none are sharp") :o)

Brazilian Portuguese: Pau para toda obra ("Wood for every construction"). Commonly used, but with a positive connotation, describing someone who is able and willing to serve many tasks with enough competence.

Russian: Мастер на все руки ("The one who is highly skilled (or just talented) in many areas"). Used only as a term of praise.

Spain: Un océano de conocimiento de una pulgada de profundidad ("An ocean of knowledge of an inch deep"). ha! This one is funny.

Obviously, I think that only the first part of the saying (Jack of All Trades) is appropriate in Kris' case. But, I got a laugh out of some of the above sayings in various languages.

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