Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on ID doctor in SA

The doctor we saw yesterday was very nice and spent an hour with us, asking questions, and writing down all the history on both kids. He was very thorough, but his conclusion was that they "dont seem to have Lyme symptoms, and since they never had a bull's eye rash" he doesnt feel comfortable treating them for Lyme. Now, if they get so bad that they start to have heart problems, meningitis, swollen and/or red joints, etc, then he would treat them for Lyme. Great! We'll just wait till they're at death's door and bring them back...

He did not want to do any blood testing at all because he said that since so much of that had been done already there didnt seem to be much point in it. Which, was probably true since he didnt want to test for co-infections.

Mooky felt terrible on the way home yesterday and had a really rough night. This morning I gave him one of Erinn's nausea pills and it didnt help, so we decided that maybe the nausea was coming from the migraine. Ibuprofen doesnt help, neither does Tylenol, so I finally gave him a half of a pain pill. It hasnt helped yet, but it's only been 20 minutes. He has a fever, diarrhea, stomach ache, migraine and a congested sounding cough, all at once! Poor thing.

This morning the weather is beautiful! Sunny and warm, so I am trying to get caught on on laundry. But, that's kinda hard when you are running from one sick kid to the other bringing drinks, meds, making soup, serving soup, etc! Mooky requested chicken soup with rice, carrots, AND GF pasta this morning about 9. Sounded weird, but I made it and he said it was the best soup he ever had. I'm hoping he falls asleep soon because usually that's the only way he can get rid of a migraine. Well, that and throwing up...

Erinn is exhausted from her day yesterday but other than more muscle pains, she feels about the same as usual. Fever, of course.

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