Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Erinn and Mooky started a new round of antibiotics and I was SO hopeful that they would do as well as last time on them. But, both of them developed such terrible stomach issues that we went down to half doses for 24 hours, and then had to stop altogether.

Erinn was so sick yesterday that she spent all day in bed, alternating between sleeping and moaning. We were out of promethazine (anti-nausea) and the doctor in Fredericksburg refused to call any in for me, so I called Dr. Braun. God bless her and Douglas! They called in a prescription right away and Mr. Parker was in Kerrville already so he picked it up for us. Whew!

Today neither one has been able to take a thing, and Erinn's stomach is feeling even worse.
Kris is also sick, with some respiratory thing, fever, etc. He is so miserable! I'm just so thankful that he didnt have it at the same time the rest of us did.

We are getting LOTS more rain than usual, and enjoying it so much! The days of sunshine in between are much appreciated too. I cant wait until spring; it's going to be SO beautiful around here!

We've made the tough decision to find a new home for Liberty. She is spending too much time in the road, and no matter what we try she wont stop. I would rather find her a new home than have her get hit. We found someone who wants her, and has electric netting around the large area that he wants to keep her in, to guard his pastured poultry. However, he doesn't have goats, and didn't plan to get any for another year or so. We are offering him 2 wethers to go with Liberty, so if he can get shelter ready for the 3, it sounds like it will all work out and be a good home for Liberty. She'll have a couple of her beloved goats with her, AND she'll be in a safe area that she can not escape from.

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