Friday, March 05, 2010


This is Neville in the new rabbit pen in the barn. He was able to escape from it, so we added more wire. He hasnt gotten out again, and now the two girls are in there with him. Neville is a "mutt" that the neighbors gave us when they moved. He is really tame and friendly, loves to be scratched on the head. The 2 girls he is in with are NZ/Californian crosses. The older female whose name is "Mother" had 6 babies this morning! 5 are black, and one is mostly white with a little black. Satin, the younger female is due in a week.
Erinn even went outside to see them this morning!!! She also went outside this afternoon when Mooky and I got home from town.

This is the view inside the rabbit colony. It's 11' by 22'.

The black trashcan holds their feed.

The cages on the right hold 4 young males that are nearly to butchering age.
We have several areas that the rabbits can hide in. A spool that they like to go inside of, a couple of upside-down nest boxes, and an old wooden wheel chair ramp that I set up on 2x4s so they could go under it.

Mooky and I (Kris is sick) had gone to get groceries today, pick up tillers needing work from 2 different people, and we also picked up Scarlett from NuLuvNubians where she was having a long visit with their nice buck Orion. Jonna told me that Scarlett was giving 1.5 gallons of milk per day. Woohooo!!! I didnt know how much she was giving because when she was here, her kid was nursing. I discovered Jonna's BLOG when I was looking for the link to her website to add to this post. Erinn is disappointed that Scarlett wasn't bred to Jukebox, but oh well! Sorry, Erinn, but Orion is really nice too, and we should get some great kids from that breeding. I cant wait to milk tonight! It will be so nice to have plenty of milk again. We've been skimping along on what I had frozen from Scarlett before she left. I was getting just enough from Sparrow and Vanilla to feed Shine (Scarlett's kid).

This is Camo and Eclipse.

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