Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goat Milk Ice Cream

...made from fresh raw milk from healthy and happy goats and healthy eggs from free range chickens!! :o) We are so blessed to be swamped with milk right now! When the May orphans arrive I won't have any extra, so I thought I'd make a treat today.
I found a recipe for ice cream sweetened with agave nectar and/or honey, and made it this morning. It's chilling in the fridge right now.
We all just feel so much better when we aren't eating any sugar at all. Mooky makes gluten free cookies every Saturday to take to Sunday School, so the kids do eat sugar about once a week. There are always gluten filled snacks in his class, and being a teenage boy, he is always hungry.

He eats GF corn or rice chex with homemade raw yogurt the minute he wakes up.
Then when I get a nice big healthy protein filled breakfast cooked, he eats that too!
And by the time he gets to church at 9:15, he is HUNGRY and must have gluten free cookies. Poor deprived child. I don't know how he ever survives until lunch at 12:30.

Erinn's ear is still hurting, but not as bad. She and Mooky are both feeling pretty rotten today, but it is pouring rain so maybe some of the pollen will get washed away. We got 5" in 48 hours!

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