Sunday, May 30, 2010

not much of an update

Our computer died. There was a storm, and I turned it off to protect it, but in the morning it wouldnt come back on. It was about 2.5 years old. RIP. :o)

It wouldnt start back up for me to try to save the pics.... until one day, Mooky asked me to let him try. So, I let him hook it all back up and...

.... came on! I guess he has the right touch. We were able to save all eight thousand and something pictures. Thank you LORD!!

It is not running right at all. It has fatal problems. Because of the thunderstorm the night it died, so the insurance is going to pay for it's replacement! This may take a few weeks though, so in the meantime we are limping along on an even older computer that the kids had been using for games. I cant do much of anything with this thing. Cant even right click half the time!! But, it's better than nothing.


Mooky sang a solo in front of his Sunday School class today! And will do it again Tuesday night in front of the whole church. I'll be there with the video camera then. Today I stayed home from church with Erinn who is getting to be too sick to stay alone anymore. Well, for the last 2 weeks, that has been the pattern. I hope it doesnt stay that way!

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Anne-Marie said...

That is awesome that insurance is going to pay for the computer replacement. Yay!