Friday, May 07, 2010


I went to be early last night without giving the kids their 9 o'clock bottle because I was feeling pretty rotten. I wasnt sleeping well so I got up at 11 to feed the kids, and I heard a banty hen squawk briefly, through the open bedroom window. Then I smelled a skunk. But, stupidly I didnt go look in the milkroom to check on the broody banty in there (I did check the ones in the carport because it sounded so close)... and this morning I found that the skunk had gotten all her eggs that were just fixing to hatch. GRRRR!! Stupid skunk! She was very upset, so I temporarily gave her 2 eggs to sit on until I am sure that she is going to stay put. If she stays all day, I will move her to a crate tonight with some of the eggs that a hen in the barn is setting on.
We made an emergency trip to East Texas on Sunday and didnt get home until late Wednesday night. Mum drove us because I was feeling too sick to drive. Thanks so much Mum!! We are now waiting on test results for Erinn and hoping that they will reveal something... anything that will help us find the right treatment for her so she can get to feeling better. Doc says Erinn has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, along with the Lyme. So, that explains a LOT.

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