Sunday, August 22, 2010

A last minute horse trailer for Erinn

In late July we found out that there would be a monthly 4-H horse club meeting in Kerrville starting August 23rd. Erinn was not feeling any better, but I started praying that somehowsomeway she would be able to go to the meetings... The problem was that not only do we not own a horse trailer and can't afford to buy one, but Erinn was feeling as terrible as ever. That Lyme Disease was really keeping her down. I didn't even feel confident that she could ride just once a month, but kept praying about it anyway. ;o)
I did a little asking around (not much) and no one had a horse trailer they could loan to us or sell cheeeeap, so I kinda just let it go. Then, around August 13 Erinn perked up a little and started feeling a bit better. She was able to start taking 2 of her very important medications on the 13th, and has taken them every day since!! (Die Babesia, DIE!!) On the one hand she is up and off the couch a little bit more, and on the other hand the die off caused by the meds is making her feel a little worse. But overall, small improvement.
On August 18 Erinn asked me if I thought she'd be able to get a trailer in time. I told her that it was awful late now, but I'd go ahead and look in the newspaper and on craigslist. I was at GB's house for the afternoon, and mentioned that there just wasn't enough time left to find a trailer for a price we could afford. Aunt Loy said something to the effect of "Well, that's plenty of time for God!"
On the 19th I sent an email to the FreeCycle group, asking if anyone in our area would either rent/lease us a trailer once a month, OR if someone had an old piece of junk trailer needing to be fixed up that they would sell cheap. I got a reply, and we went to look at the trailer Friday (the 20th). It's old, and needs a little work, but all in all it's road worthy and that is what counts. Erinn told the owner that she could only spare $100 for this trailer because she needed to save the rest of her money for horse feed and to pay the farrier. I inwardly cringed, thinking there was NO WAY they'd accept that amount of money. Kris and I were trying to figure out if we could add a little bit of money to that hundred dollars when they lady came back and said "My husband says he'll take $100 for this trailer."
WOW. Only God.

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