Sunday, August 22, 2010

Never shoot a skunk before church

I did a head count on my chickens Friday evening and finally realized exactly how bad the predator situation has become. I only have 5 adult Maran hens left, and 2 banty hens!! Still plenty of roosters strutting around though.... what's up with that? Do I need to put a sign out that says "Please leave my hens alone, but you are welcome to the roosters" ???
So, on Saturday night I set a trap out with a raw chicken bone in it and this morning I went out to check....

....oh no. Another skunk.

Mooky was in the shower, and Kris had been sick all night so I didn't want to ask him to shoot it. Therefore, I shot it myself. "And dragged the whole cage behind the four wheeler as far away as possible. I thought maybe if I kept my distance from the cage I wouldn't stink so bad.
It didn't work. Even though I wore the oldest rattiest clothes possible and threw them away afterwards, I still needed a shower and it was already time to leave for church. I didn't even try to get the skunk out of the trap - I just left him in there! A problem to deal with another day.... *sigh*

I found out two things I wish I never knew about skunks. This one had a nose shaped like a duck's beak. Seriously! And, when they spray, it comes out dark green. lol

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