Monday, September 17, 2007

Erinn spent a few hours putting beads in Thunder's mane. She is making an effort to catch him daily (whether or not she rides him) and it is really making him easier to catch! Now, if we could just get him into the horse trailer...
Since last December we have been to see:
Dr. M
Dr. P
Dr. C
Dr. B (we'd stick with this one if it wasnt for the insurance)
and now that we have insurance, Dr. T.

Dr. T will be referring us to a GI doc this week or next.

We've tried cleanses, rotation diets, natural medicine, antibiotics, and more that I cant remember, and we still have a sick kid.

We still dont know anything more than probably lyme disease and definitely gluten intolerant. Oh, and he had a nasty case of giardia that may or may not be cleared up.

I guess I shouldnt fuss at Halcy for not updating her blog often enough considering I havent updated this one since LAST YEAR!!!