Friday, July 11, 2008

It's done!
Loy's surgery went great and she is doing so well that they are already taking her off the ventilator. Praise the Lord. SO MANY PEOPLE around the world were praying. Thank you all and thank you GOD!

A phone call at midnight...

...can be a scary thing!

But, this time it was good news. GB called to say that Aunt Loy was "going in for her new heart". As of 6:30 this morning, the surgery still hadn't happened... They are waiting on a surgeon. Everyone please pray that her body accepts the new heart and that everything will go well! Also, we need to be praying for the family who lost a loved one last night.

Late yesterday evening Cynthia, Loy and GB stopped by for a quick visit! Somehow they got out of the house alive without some kind of avalanche trapping them all... the living room has things piled almost to the ceiling.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Halcyon and Erich have moved into their new house and although they are thrilled to have AC again, they are not so thrilled that they can't keep their cat Turkish there. So, Turkish has come to visit Four Mile Farm! For a cat that spent his whole life indoors, he's doing amazingly well! "City Cat" has immediately become "Country Cat". He is quite fond of the goats in particular but he really isn't choosy. He'll hang out with the horse or the cow as well. The problem is that they don't normally stand still long enough for him to rub against their legs. He reminds me of the crazy cat "Mary D. Cat" in the Hank the Cowdog story. At first the goats were scared of him because he didn't act how they thought cats should act, but they are used to him now.
The above picture is the view from the deck gate at feeding time. Turkish risks life and limb to get up on those steps among the kids. Two seconds before I snapped this shot he WAS up there with them but one of the kids head butted him right off, so the picture shows him coming back for more.
We are working on getting the house presentable and planning a trip to East Texas next week. Goodness, it sounds like a "whole 'nother country" doesn't it?
"East Texas!" LOL
Well, it takes all day to drive over there and with a loaded horse trailer it's probably going to take all night as well! We plan to take Thunder and Aileas as well if we can get them both loaded. That oughta be quite an adventure!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008



We're moving.

To East Texas.

We're torn...
On the one hand, we are really happy because we'll be closer to some of our family.
On the other hand, we are really sad because we will be farther from our family here! But, we really know that God is in control, and that this is His Plan. This is something that we NEVER would have considered if God hadn't arranged all this. And it has been very clear all along that He is in control. It all happened in such an amazing way.

So, we are busy cleaning and repairing so that this house can go on the market. Kris is recovering very nicely from his back surgery! He is being very careful not to do anything he isn't supposed to, and is walking miles every day.