Friday, June 06, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Here are the girls trying to decipher the Treasure Hunt clues.

It took me twice as long to come up with the clues then it did for them to complete the Hunt!

I thought I had made it pretty hard, but they later asked me why I made it so easy. :o)

This is just a random picture of Mooky.

It is SO HARD to get any pictures of him.

Gabby is staying with us for a few days and we are really enjoying it! Some of the things she says are so funny. "Hey! Look at those two cute little matching brown babies!" she said about Fancy's twins. I told her they were twins and she said "Like Sophie and Deet?" And I said yes, but both are girls. "Well, that's not like Sophie and Deet then!"

Gabby: Hey Rachel! I have four loose teeth!
Me: Cool! What will you do when they fall out?
Gabby: I don't know...
Me: Mooky and Erinn always sent their teeth to Lolo the Tooth Fairy.
Gabby: WHAT? (With an incredulous look on her face.)
Me: Do you think Lolo has a Tooth Fairy Wand?
Gabby: What for? So he can disappear? He doesn't need one. He can disappear any time he wants to by just driving away!!

Here's a funny from Tana: She and Erinn were sitting on the bench with about a thousand goat kids crowding around and I said "Wow!" To which she wisely replied, "No, they love the food they think I have."
Gabby was reading a book today about David and Goliath and I realized that she REALLY CAN READ!!! Oh my goodness!

Gabby and Zoe, enjoying a wagon ride, as much as you possibly can enjoy getting pulled over rocks until your teeth rattle! Come to think of it, maybe that is why Gabby has 4 loose teeth!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yesterday Kris had some pre-op bloodwork done, and we found out his blood was not clotting like it should due to taking too much vitamin C. So, the surgery had to be postponed. They will retest the blood in 2 to 3 weeks, then reschedule the surgery. Better to have to wait than to bleed to death!

Monday, June 02, 2008

On Saturday I told Erinn we were going to Teresa and Rob's house to get some books and she was THRILLED. She has been wanting to go to their house to see where they live and meet all their critters and plus she really likes them. So, off we went on a supposedly four hour round trip just to get BOOKS. She didn't know that afterwards we were going to Rockdale to meet Kiwi and Rowdy and get Tana. We really enjoyed our time with Rob and Teresa, but it was WAY too short. When we got to Rockdale we parked in the WalMart parking lot and the Bakers drove up and parked on the left side of us. Tana got out and ran around the truck to Erinn's side and popped up beside her window and said "Ello!" in her finest English accent. Erinn stared at her for a second in shock before it finally registered that it was really Tana! It was priceless. I have it on video and if I was smart enough I could probably put it on this blog.
So, now Erinn will have the help she desperately needs to get all the milking, bottle feeding, and other farm chores done for the 4 days that we are in San Antonio while Kris has his back surgery. Thanks Bakers!!!
Now THAT'S sisterly love. :o)
(They said they are sisters, not cousins.)

Making their silly faces.

Erinn and Tana made a swimming pool yesterday using a tarp and the back of the truck. They had such a fun time! I have been going over the list of all the things they will have to do while we are gone and so far they haven't had any problems. Today is the day for them to do the milking, bottle feeding, and milk mixing totally on their own though. That way if they run into any problems I will be here to help.

Ever since I read about a new kind of gardening hoe at the Ante's website (for some reason I am unable to link to it), I have been looking for one. I couldn't find one anywhere in Kerrville or Fredericksburg although if I had had time to stop at Home Depot or Lowe's I might have found one.
On Saturday when we went to get Tana I stopped in Marble Falls and found one!! I was REALLY hoping that this new hoe would save me time on weeding the garden, and it does! I was able to get almost the entire garden weeded yesterday morning in the time that it usually takes me to weed just a few rows.

Granpa came to get Mooky yesterday. They are going to be doing some fencing out at the cabin until Wednesday, when they will come see us at the hospital in San Antonio. Mooky LOVES to stay out at the cabin, so he was really glad to be able to go help Granpa at the same time.