Friday, January 09, 2009

Yesterday when we left home with "the boys" in the back of the truck, Liberty heard them yelling when we stopped to open the gate. She came trotting up to the front and made it up there just as we were driving away. She looked extremely worried about "her" boys. Poor girl.

Granpa and Granny came!

It's so hard to get a good picture inside the show barn...
but here are Mooky and Erinn showing their goats. They did a great job!

Liberty was SO happy when we got home with the wethers this afternoon. She sniffed them over really well to be sure they were ok, and kept following them around. :o)


Oh my goodness... what will they come up with next?

We got the 3 show wethers dropped off at the fairgrounds yesterday. Mooky loaded the truck for me, and put stuff BESIDE the truck for me... and guess what? I drove off without the goat coats and the buckets! So, we had to make do with one bucket, which was no big deal. We fed them out of it, then cleaned it out and put their water in it. And thankfully, it was not going to be a really cold night, so we didnt need the coats after all. Whew! With their SHORT haircuts they can get cold very easily, but with all the animals in that big barn they stayed warm enough.

Bomber and Honky both weigh 78 pounds, so they will be in the same class. I didn't get a weight on Pirhana so will have to wait and check the class listings when we arrive there this morning. Hopefully he was at least a few pounds different than the other two or we'll have to find someone to show him for us.

The Superintendant said that Erinn can use a short lead rope, or a halter "or whatever she wants to!" So, that will enable her to lead the goat on either side of her body without ever once having to use her broken arm. Yay!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Show Prep

We got the 3 wethers clipped yesterday. Whew. Big job. Mooky did a lot of it, and Erinn helped by keeping the boys calm, giving them little bites of feed now and then.

Clipping Bomber in the milk room. It was really windy, and so we had to do it inside this time.

Here's Honky in his new coat.

Here's Bomber wearing his coat that Erinn made for him!
I didn't take a picture of Pirhana.

We enjoyed an hour or two of watching the boys try everything they could to remove the coats from their bodies. It took quite awhile before they adjusted to the strange feeling of wearing something. Today we are catching up AND getting ahead on school work because the rest of the week is going to be crazy.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ice Today!

We got some much needed moisture this morning! It was frozen, but that's ok! The kids went out 3 or 4 times before noon to swipe all the icicles off the roof, and they kept "growing back" really fast.
We were going to clip the goats today, but the weather was too nasty. Tomorrow is supposed to be better, so we will do it then. No matter the weather. It MUST get done tomorrow.

We haven't lost any more guineas, and the one that was sick seems fine now. Strange!

Scarlett is doing very well, all things considered. She does not have a fever, and is letting me milk her as if she'd been doing it for years. She doesn't move a muscle, so that is really nice. She still cries a bit more than normal, but seems to be adjusting.