Friday, May 14, 2010

Gall Bladder

Tana and Erinn

I found an article called:

What Causes Gall Bladder Pain and How to Avoid Surgery that explains what Doc was telling me about the link between food allergies and gall bladder attacks.

My test results came back and I am allergic to:

All Dairy products (cow AND goat!!!) :o(

Gluten (wheat, barley, and rye)


Beef and Lamb

Navy Beans

and Watercress.

The only dairy I can eat is cheddar cheese, and not more often than once every 4 days.

I have been avoiding all those foods since I found out what I am allergic to and I have been feeling pretty good! I dont think I've ever eaten watercress in my life, so I won't miss that one. :o) I also won't miss having gall bladder attacks, so I am not really upset about the things I can't have anymore.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Erinn at the doctor's office, she had just gotten an IV.

Erinn has been worsening over the last couple of weeks. Right now, she needs to be taking some new meds, and when test results finally come in, there may be even more meds to add to that.
She has a terrible time swallowing pills, and even taking liquid meds because of her almost constant nausea. We have a hard time finding a time slot where she can actually take meds. Kiwi recently told me about Nux Vomica and that has been helpful. Not totally, and not enough to take her pills when she should, but it's a relief that she can take something natural for nausea instead of having to rely solely on a prescription.
Tuesday and Wednesday Erinn managed to take all her pills on time, and she actually had a little more energy than usual! But, today she feels SO awful that she only got a couple of pills down and those were hours later than they should have been, and majorly traumatic! On days like this, it's a full time job to take care of her. I am so thankful to be able to be at home with her. I get a few minutes here and there to run out and feed bottle babies, check on new chicks, feed various critters, milk the goats, etc, but cant stay outside too long. On her 2 decent days this week I did manage to get both gardens weeded! That was a huge relief because I was way behind on that and it's supposed to rain some over the next couple of days.
Well, I'm off to cook supper - please be praying for Erinn. That she can take all her meds, and that maybe we could even get some schoolwork done!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Erinn is cleaning her room!!!!!!!!!
She worked on her bookshelf last night a little bit, and today has been cleaning for hours! Organizing, really. Taking lots of breaks, but making good progress!
I'm so thankful to see her feeling a bit better. The only difference in her meds right now is that she just started taking cortisol "to mimic normal physiological process for her exhausted adrenals".