Friday, July 17, 2009

I love Math U See's Work sheet Generator!!
It is so handy when one of the kids needs extra practice before moving on to the next lesson. Mooky is a Math Whiz, unlike both of his parents. He amazes me. Erinn is a Spelling Whiz!

White Hawk - Ugly and Stinky
GB, Kris, Loy, Mooky
(Erinn was home sick.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Siamese Twins. :o)

Above is how the winter squash was looking... just about dead.

But then, all the sudden all the winter squash just took off growing again!

I love being in the garden as it begans to get light enough to see in the morning. For one thing, it's nice and cool! Almost every morning it has been right at 70*. And almost every day lately it has gotten at least up to 100*.
Kris and Mooky have gone out to Doss this morning to help Tommy try to load the buffalo and her baby into the trailer. That buffalo can be pretty ornery on her best day, but now that she has a baby she is a lot more skittish. They may have to call someone in to dart her, and then they will have to figure out how to DRAG her into the trailer. What fun. There is also a water leak out there that they plan to work on so there is no telling what time they will get home. Hopefully it will be early enough for them to go move Aunt Nell's non-working fridge out of her kitchen so she can get a new one delivered.