Friday, April 11, 2008


We just got an email from Mrs. Jett with all sorts of wonderful gardening information and links to information on WEEDS. I found out that we have pigweed in our garden!! YIKES - I fight it every year and never knew what it was called. We also have a huge problem with purslane.

The garden looks to be weed free right now, but I know that those evil weeds are fixing to be popping up everywhere, along with all the seeds we planted.

The Storeroom Banty hatched out ONE egg from the 7 in her nest. I candled the other 6 and they were all duds. Those were the ones that were given to us. The one that hatched was one she had layed. I didn't expect them to hatch until Tuesday. So on Monday I went in there to move her and the eggs to a crate so that when the chicks popped out they wouldn't fall 8 feet to the ground. Unfortunately, the one chick had already hatched and fallen down to the floor. The Banty was down there on the floor keeping her baby warm. Poor little chickie only lived one day... I guess it was the fall. :o(
After that the Banty got back up on her nest, which no longer had any eggs in it. I found two guinea eggs in the barn and put them under her.

The Loft Banty didn't do any better than the Storeroom Banty. Her eggs were ALL from the ones that were given to us, and nothing hatched out. I took them all away from her and replaced them with 2 miniature green eggs that one of our little Ameraucana/Old English hens laid. So, the poor girls are starting all over.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Hannah is an "only dog" again. Red has moved on to a better job. Or, at least a chicken-less job. She is now learning to work goats across the road with our neighbor. She has come back here 3 times though, so I am not too sure that this will work out! I told him we would take her back when and if he gets tired of her shenanigans, but so far he likes her and said she smart. Just not smart enough to leave our chickens alone!