Sunday, May 17, 2009

A six year old

About the time Gabby came to stay with us for a week, I read this wonderful blog post called Teaching Children Responsibility and Work Ethic.

SO MANY children nowadays are not taught to work. I used to babysit a little girl who would always ask me if she could help wash dishes or fold clothes. And when I told her yes, her eyes would light up! And she would sometimes say "Mommy doesn't let me help her do chores at home."

Gabby was a wonderful help to me in many ways - it does take time and effort to train your little ones to be helpers but you will regret it later if you dont! Most of the household chores Gabby already knew how to do. But, she learned quite a few new outside chores while here.

Drinking a smoothie here. Zoe is the Smoothie Princess, but Gabby did drink a couple.

She took a cup with us every time we milked and drank fresh warm milk from each goat.

She enjoyed Taste-Testing to see how each goat's milk tasted slightly different.

The scared look on her face here is because "the chicks claws were scratching me!"