Saturday, August 02, 2008

Last week Mooky and I were standing outside between the house and the store room talking when all the sudden he dived to the ground and came up with an arrowhead! It's the white one on the upper left in the middle row. Cool, huh?
OK - back to the two doctors we went today. Kris got a shot, Clarithromycin, something for nausea, and bloodwork since he is pale and yellowy.
Erinn got Azithromycin and cough medicine.
Mooky got Azithromycin and he has strep throat on top of everything else.
Both doctors agreed that there was a high possibility that we could have the mycoplasma as well going by the symptoms so at least we have the right antibiotic now! (Hopefully.) :o)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I just asked Erinn to come out and help me feed the kids. One of us usually feeds the "bucket babies" and the other one feeds the "bottle babies". She told me she felt too bad to do it, and being the mean mother I am, I told her that the only way to get out of it is if she has a fever. (Surely I'm not the only mother who wonders if her kids are faking being sick to get out of work?)
Took her temp, and sure enough it was 99.4*!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiwi and Tana have mycoplasma!

Hmmm... makes me wonder if Kris really does have a virus or not. He just can't get well.

Symptoms to look for include:
Cough, often in spasms
Chest discomfort
Sore throat

Erinn is still coughing too - pretty badly! She feels much better but that awful sounding cough has not improved a bit.
Mooky and I worked for 4 hours outside this morning on the Ft. Knox of chicken pens for his expensive little chicks, and then he came in for lunch. I came in 20 minutes later and found him huddled in a blanket with a fever! Starting to get congested too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OK, my curiosity has gotten the best of me! The "MapLoco" has been showing an almost daily visitor from Godley, Tx and I would love to know who it is. So, leave a comment please!
I would love to know who all of the visitors are.


Dallas, TX,
Boxford, MA,

Kerrville, TX,
Godley, TX,
Kerrville, TX,
Vienna, Austria
, , United States
Please be praying for Susan Beaird, the wife of Kris' cousin James. You can read the particulars HERE.

We have been passing a virus around for most of the month of July. Kris has actually been sick off and on since July 7. The kids seem to have each had "It" twice, Mooky has had a double ear infection, and I was ok until today. Starting to feel a little yucky, but nothing major yet. Erinn fed the kids for me, but I was able to milk and I don't have a fever so maybe I won't get the bad version of this virus. Here's a pic of Mooky one day when he was burning up with fever and fell asleep on our bed. His ear got so bad one night that the eardrum burst.

I feel sorry for Turkish because now that we are moving, he is going to live with a friend of Halcy and he will be an inside cat again. I'm sure he will adjust back to that quite quickly, but he LOVES his goats.
They tolerate him and in return he lavishes them with affection and attention. Every morning when I take them down to the back pasture he runs ahead of us and flops down on his side right in the pathway. They pretty much trample him as they go down the path and he is so appreciative of that attention. LOL He rarely even gets up but occasionally makes a flying leap over the back of one of them if they step on him just right. Then I get them through the gate and he greets each one with a rub and purrrrrrrrrrr. He drinks out of their water bowl and hangs out with them until it gets too hot. Then he goes off to his hiding place that I can't find. Wherever it is it must be nice and cool because he won't come out again until evening when it's milking time. (Maybe that's how long it takes to recover from being trampled by a herd of goats?)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to take pics or post. BUT, I did take a couple pictures of Glory for Teresa last night. So, here's the one that has Erinn in it.