Monday, December 28, 2009

My Apologies

for not keeping up with this blog better. It has become increasingly difficult for me to find the time. Erinn is just not feeling well enough to even get her own snacks most of the time anymore. She is having a very hard time with food lately. The nausea is BAD. It's worse when she is hungry, and then it's worse when she eats. So many things she used to be able to eat are now "unthinkable", so it's really hard to find nourishing meals and snacks that she can handle. Breakfast is the hardest time of day. Mum and Dad recently blessed us with some Jules Gluten Free Flour and that has been a big help in the mornings. We're trying to make it last, so we dont use it every day, but when we make muffins, or something, with that flour, Erinn can usually eat it with no problems. Pancakes were one thing that she usually loves, but couldnt handle.

Tana and Dalton came for a visit after Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time!