Saturday, June 20, 2009

Skunks Again

I am setting my blog to invited readers only, so if you can see it, you were invited!

One minor little detail about shooting skunks... REMOVE THE DEAD BODY IMMEDIATELY! If you dont, relaxation of the muscles produces releasing of the odors... and while it won't be as bad as the actual SPRAY would be, it'll be bad enough.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ah, the lovely aroma of SKUNK.

There has been a "critter" digging up the garden, but not eating the plants. Recently, it started digging into the barn, from the garden side. There was a large and growing pile of dirt and hay, some of which was starting to cover up a squash plant and some green beans.
So, I had the bright idea to set a trap right by where he was digging.... REAL SMART.
Because of it's amazing digging skills, we were really thinking it was an armadillo, but what I found in the trap this morning was a skunk!

In this picture, you can see how close the garden is to the barn. As I fed the kids this morning, I was hoping we didnt annoy Mr. Skunk too much!

This is as close as I cared to get to the Sleeping Skunk.

He was taking a nice nap, and Kris shot him right in the head.
Got him on the first shot. He never woke up from his nap.
So, in my limted experience, the best time to shoot a skunk is when he is napping.
It did not spray at all, so there is no skunk aroma in the garden. Yee-haw!
Now to dispose of him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The butternut squash are turning tan!

The only squash we have ever grown succesfully are summer squash, so we are very excited about the acorn and the butternut.

We listened to a great sermon this morning about keeping on going even when you dont feel like it... especially when you dont feel like it! Then we came home and I fixed lunch and fed the kids, then I took a nap! So much for keeping on going... I had been feeling bad before church and the nap only made me more tired and bad feeling, so it was a real waste of time.

At about 6 Mooky and I dug up the rest of the potatoes and did some weeding. Then I watered the garden, fed the kids, milked the goats... and I still have that wiped out feeling. NO MORE NAPS FOR ME!!!

The roots of an old pecan tree.


I emailed the Burton Sausage Company to find out if their sausage is gluten free, but their email address is no good.
We bought some on sale and after eating it, Erinn had some pretty severe symptoms for 24 hours. Mooky ate it too and didn't have any noticeable symptoms! So... maybe it wasn't the sausage, or maybe it didn't have gluten in it...
All I know is that Erinn is much worse again after having a little bit better week.