Monday, February 11, 2008

Seeing Red

Grandpa is having some trouble with pain management, so please pray about that, but everything else sounds like it is going well. Not sure when he'll get out of the hospital.
Almost the entire Beaird side of the family is sick sick sick!! We're praying that yall feel better soon!

Kris' back is only a little better than it was 9 days ago when he hurt it so badly! His ortho appt is not until 2-22, so we have a long wait. He has been doing lots of little jobs that he can do sitting down, and taking frequent breaks to put ice on his back.

Today I took him to the chiropractor, picked up the bare minimum of feed, and a few groceries. When we got home we worked on cutting up meat and grinding it. I made some turkey broth/soup base, full of delicious veggies. Tomorrow I will get it in jars to freeze. I'd like to figure out how to make a substitute for beef broth or beef stock using cabrito. Even if the store bought stuff wasn't full of MSG and gluten, I'd like to do it anyway because it just tastes better! :o)

Red is starting to chase the goat kids, nipping at their heels. *sigh* (She is a heeler after all!) She stops immediately when we catch her doing it, but I don't know how often she is doing it when no one is looking. So, tomorrow I will be sure to leave a couple adult does with their kids up here with all the bottle babies. They tend to all stick together, and hopefully the does will chase Red off when she bothers the kids.

Without the four wethers it seems like we hardly have any goats!! Not counting the kids, we just have 5 Nubian does, and 1 buck! We also have Diamond, who is a Boer doe, but she will be going to her new home in March or April.

Long day. I'm tired. Who knows how many typos will be in this post!!