Wednesday, March 10, 2010

citric acid

Kris fixed the door on this rabbit cage in the garden for me,
so I put the two extra males in it.
Instant fertilizer!

Sometime last year I got a really good deal on a 5 lb bucket of citric acid. I decided to make mozzarella today and the kids wanted to taste the citric acid and see what it was like. They discovered that it must be a main ingredient in some of those really sour candies! If anyone needs some citric acid, PLEASE dont buy any. I will be happy to share with you!

Apparently my rennet is too old, at about 3 yrs... LOL So, my cheese making is not going well today. I tried tripling the amount of rennet and it still didnt set up. So, I guess I am just going to let it sit until tomorrow and see what develops. It probably wont be mozzarella but it may actually be some good cheese anyway.

Today is such a beautiful day! Erinn is feeling terrible, rotten, no good, etc... *sigh*. But, Kris seems to finally be getting over whatever kind of flu that was that he had. He is chain sawing right now with a swarm of goats all around him cleaning up the branches that fall to the ground.

I locked up all the kids last night so I could get more milk this morning, but two of them got our somehow sometime during the night. Oh well, that milk was going to be cheese, and it may not turn out anyway.

Out of the 6 baby rabbits born last week, all are white except this one.

Swag Bucks

If you use swagbucks instead of google as your search engine, you can earn a tiny bit of money for doing searches that you were going to do anyway. In about 6 weeks I earned 900 swagbucks, which I cashed in for a $10 Amazon gift card! The kids are anxiously awaiting the lastest Chuck Black book, which will be available March 16, so I will use the gift card for that.
I get some free swagbucks in my account if anyone here signs up using one of the links above.