Sunday, March 08, 2009


The neighbor's Boer doe, who had a "Traffic Jam Extraordinaire" finally got weak enough to be caught. Kid #1's head had been hanging out for OVER 24 hours when they called me and asked me to come help. When I arrived they were down in the middle of their 1000 acres, holding the doe by her horns. The kid's head was terribly swollen and dry, but surprisingly enough she was still alive! I immediately started feeling around for her legs, and found them off to the right. I momentarily thought it was kind of odd that they weren't directly underneath her since her head was right side up.... hmmm.... that must mean they aren't her legs! A gentle tug produced kid #2, who slithered on out right over the top of his sister, while she was left in the same position as before. Only the head out. Wow. I had totally expected to have to push him back and deliver her first. I handed him off to Erinn who immediately began drying him and massaging his chest to get him breathing good. She did a great job! As usual.
Then I found the girls legs and got her pulled out.
The owner didn't want to mess with them although I tried to convince her to pen up the mama and the stronger kid. She said it would be too much trouble and asked me to take them all 3 home with me. I really don't want a Boer doe, so I told her that I would take her home just until she recovered. The trip in the truck, and everything she had been through was just too much trauma and she refused to accept the baby boy.
Here is a pic of the girl kid's swollen face right after we got home. She looked like a BIGFOOT - a hairy faced man. LOL. But, it really wasn't funny. She was in distress, of course, but had an amazing will to live.
Her eyes were swollen almost shut and despite the immense swelling of her mouth and tongue, she wanted to eat. She sucked on the bottle and managed to swallow a little colostrum about every 10 minutes. Her little brother did just as well.

And today - LOOK! She has eyes!!