Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Michelle, your daughter would get lots of midwifery practice if you had goats! Erinn can do so much, it's amazing! And she is really good at noticing when something is "off" with one of the goats.
No babies from Belle yet, although it sounds like she is getting close.
Rio is getting pretty big, so I am sorta-kinda thinking twins now.
Neither Velvet or Rio seem to be anywhere close to delivery, so should make it to or near their due dates.
Yeah, the Little Guy sure did get a spiffy coat, huh? :o)
I don't know what in the world was wrong with Bacon, but I feel bad for not checking on him more often during this last week while I was sick. I have made sure that he was fed and watered each day by the kids, but I did not actually lay eyes on him.
OK folks, we are taking suggestions for names! The boys just need nicknames, and the girl needs something really fancy. LOL
It will be Four Mile RM8 ________________________.
RM8 is code for River/Maggie 2008, and that is how I keep up with who was born what year to which parents!
Thanks to Teresa's explicit instructions, the clippers are now working again!! It really wasn't a big deal, but my fevered brain just couldn't figure it out. So, Mooky got Buzz clipped but I didn't get a picture. *SIGH*
Gotta take them to the fairgrounds tomorrow.....

Another Kid Coat

The bigger boy.


Girl in the front, boys in the back.

Tiny Boy needed a coat just his size. It only took 10 minutes to make. I was out of fleece, so I used denim for the outer layer and a soft velvety type fabric for the inner layer. I need to try to find a way to weigh this little guy. I'm sure Erinn will be naming the boys very soon! We will let her name the girl too, as long as we all like the name.

I can't believe it. The pig that we have been feeding for a YEAR and planned on putting in the freeer VERY soon is dead. UGH. He was close to 300 pounds. And now we have to figure out how to get him into the back of the truck and haul him off. This oughta be fun. NOT. There is no way we can eat the meat now, since I have NO idea why he died.


L to R: Tiny boy born first, girl born last, big boy born second (breech!)
Tiny boy is brown, but the other two have lots of spots! I decided to bottle feed the girl, and let Maggie raise the two boys. If I left them all 3 on her, the tiny boy would probably get shoved aside and not get much milk. I picked the girl to bottle raise because we will probably keep her, and it will make weaning time easier.
After the second boy was born, we weren't sure if Maggie was done or not. She started pushing again and I told Erinn it was probably just the afterbirth. She took a look, and said "Nope, it's another baby because that bubble is too light colored to be afterbirth." AND SHE WAS RIGHT! Smart girl.

Kris is home from work. Went to the chiropractor before coming home, so that was good. We both have fevers. I should be napping, but it will soon be time to feed the doe kid her bottle so I'm going to wait until after that.


...she's still workin' on it, after a long night of labor.

And please pray for Kris. He went to work today, despite the fact that he still feels terrible!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Maggie long last.
The post you've been waiting for. Right? :o)
No ligaments as of 11 pm Tuesday.
Digging holes.
Eating hay like there's no tomorrow.
We should have babies before morning.


Erinn clipped Arkansas on Saturday...
And then the clippers wouldn't work when we tried to clip Mooky's goat on Sunday... so I thought maybe the blades were dull.
Switched blades.
Still wouldn't clip. Thought maybe that new guy we got to sharpen them must've done a sorry job.
Took BOTH sets of blades to town Monday and got the usual person to do it (she was unavailable last time)... got some alfalfa pellets while I was there, and sinus/cold/congestion type medicine and crawled the 30 miles back home.
Got home. Crashed on the couch.
Dragged myself off to go see if the clippers would work, so Mooky could start clipping.
They didn't work.
Oh no. Dragged myself back to the couch.
If Kris was feeling well he'd have had them running right already! As it is, I dont know WHAT we will do! That goat has GOT to be clipped (properly) by Thursday morning, because we have to drop them off at the fairgrounds that afternoon.
Thankfully the weather has been warm. The wind switched to the north this morning though, so I guess Maggie decided a cold front was all the signal she'd been waiting on!
Her udder is FULL!!! I don't expect kids any minute though because I can still feel her ligaments. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow. Or the next day. LOL
Starting to wonder WHAT this is that we have... 3 of us are starting to have stomach problems now, to add to the sinus pain/sinus pressure/head congestion/earache/sore throat/cough/chest pain.