Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PJ and the goats, eating in the barn.
Teresa's goat Picasso is the one in the middle.
I am teaching him to lead without spazzing out, and it's quite the adventure.
I work with him twice a day before feeding time. We're at the point where he still runs from me, but when I get him cornered and grab his collar he doesnt freak anymore. He seems resigned to having to take a walk before he can eat. He's a gorgeous boy - cant wait to see what colors of kids we get from Ailei, Sparrow, and Vanilla.

I planted 5 pumpkin seeds and they produced WAY too many pumpkins.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All my captions disappeared.

We got ducks so that Erinn can eat eggs again. 2 females and 2 males. They were free, so although we really didnt want 2 males we took them. We've gotten two eggs so far!

All my captions disappeared.... so I'm trying again.
Erinn made it to church yesterday! She did fairly well. Had some dreadful leg pains that I couldnt do anything about because I hadnt brought any essential oils with me. But, other than that she was glad she came because Branded was there. Beautiful music!

We had visitors on Saturday! This is Johanna and Elise.

Gabe's new truck

Hannah wanted to go home with Gabe but Kris wouldnt let her.

Elise rode Dreamer who wasnt too happy about it, as you can see by her body language.
She has been enjoying her extended vacation while Erinn has been sick!