Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hey, guess what Everyone?!?!?!?!?

"THERE IS NO LYME DISEASE IN TEXAS!!!" - a quote from a doctor in Fredericksburg to me, today.


*******falling off my chair laughing my head off********

And he "knows" this because his wife was recently seen by the "Top Infectious Disease doc in San Antonio who KNOWS everything about Lyme" and this "guru" (his words, not mine!) told him that there is no lyme disease in Texas. So, it must be true. (You couldn't hear the sarcasm in that last sentence, could you?)

The reason we went to this doctor was to get a referral to an I.D. doctor so that the insurance will pay for it. Ridiculous. So, now I am wondering if there is even any point in following through with the referral?
Oh my, this will need MUCH PRAYER.
Erinn is sick. Very.
We have been praying and praying and strongly feel that we can't just sit back and do nothing. Well, we'll pray some more and see where we should go from here.

I'm not one to disagree openly with a doctor or anyone else who thinks they know everything. I typically keep my opinion, or knowledge, to myself. But, today when that doctor told me there is no lyme in Texas, he must have seen some expression or something because he said, "I'm not blowing you off!"
...pause... (silence on my part)
... "Really, I'm not blowing you off."
...long pause... and I said "Yeah, I can see that."
And he held up Erinn's positive Lyme test and said "I dont have any way of knowing what type of outfit this lab may be, these test results are most likely not accurate. But, I'm not blowing you off."
Then he was silent a moment, and I calmly said, "That seems fairly obvious to me."
Then he tells me about this website where he can look up medical stuff that he "pays $700 a year for" that tells him there is no Lyme in Texas. Too bad he's paying so much for faulty information!
I'm not too surprised at his attitude, just kind of concerned that the "specialist" will have the same attitude. You think I could give them a call and ask "Is there any Lyme in Texas?"

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jack of All Trades

Customer says to Kris: Thanks for looking at my fridge and my old '78 truck while you were out here installing the dryer for me. I could have called the Maytag Man out here but I doubt he would have been able to figure out what was wrong with the truck, and besides that, he would have thought I was really crazy for even asking!

Mooky and Kris are back out at that same house today working on a tractor and putting a new fuel filter in that old truck. It's nice that Kris can fix so many things! This week we have several things to work on, but it's still slow going. Hopefully over time, business will pick up.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Sayings and terms resembling 'jack of all trades' appear in almost all languages. Whether they are meant positively or negatively varies, and is dependent on the context.

Cantonese: 周身刀,無張利. ("Surrounded by knives, none are sharp") :o)

Brazilian Portuguese: Pau para toda obra ("Wood for every construction"). Commonly used, but with a positive connotation, describing someone who is able and willing to serve many tasks with enough competence.

Russian: Мастер на все руки ("The one who is highly skilled (or just talented) in many areas"). Used only as a term of praise.

Spain: Un océano de conocimiento de una pulgada de profundidad ("An ocean of knowledge of an inch deep"). ha! This one is funny.

Obviously, I think that only the first part of the saying (Jack of All Trades) is appropriate in Kris' case. But, I got a laugh out of some of the above sayings in various languages.

What do we do all day?

In between all the following medications we try to get some school work and house work done...
Thankfully, the outside work load is pretty light right now with no goats in milk and no garden work.

6 Tetracycline
7 Cat's Claw, Artemisinin, Metronidazole, Nystatin
9:30 Probiotics
12 Cat's Claw, Artemisinin, Tetracycline, Nystatin
3 Metronidazole
6 Cat's Claw, Artemisinin, Tetracycline, Nystatin
8:30 Probiotics
11 Tetracycline, Metronidazole

Except for the probiotics, Erinn has to eat something with her meds every time or she'll throw up. Even if it's just a 1/4 cup of something. Thankfully Mooky doesnt have that problem. So, when I wake them up at 11pm and 6am, he can just swallow the pill(s) and go back to sleep. But, Erinn has to drink a little juice and eat something, so she loses more sleep than Mooky does.
They both go to bed around 8pm and wake up at 7am totally exhausted.

Another problem is that they can't have any dairy 2 hours before or 2 hours after the tetracycline. That makes it even harder!!!

The above schedule is just for 10 days (until Nov 11) and then we get to stop the antibiotics until Dec 1. Whew.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Mooky!

Christopher Brooks just turned 17.

In public he prefers to be called Chris, rather than Mooky.
When he is not feeling bad, he is quite the jokester of the family. We all enjoy the funny stuff he comes up with.
When he is feeling bad, he pushes himself hard to get his work done anyway.
He is a huge help to me around the house and although he no longer likes to cook very often, he is quite capable of following any recipe.
He doesn't like math, but he is very good at it! Very.
Best of all, Mooky loves the Lord and desires to please Him. He really enjoys going to church and I know that the Lord has great plans for Mooky's life.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

3rd month of antibiotics

"This is the toughest cycle." -- Dr. Braun.

Starting at 6 am and ending at 11 pm, there are 7 times per day that the kids have to take either Tetracycline or Metronidazole. With the Tetracycline they cant have any dairy 2 hours before or after.... *sigh*
I dont know how we'll manage, but hopefully we can figure something out. Erinn can not take meds on an empty stomach.
BOTH kids are having a LOT of stomach problems right now due to a BIG MISTAKE that I made on Mooky's birthday. I'd like to blame Blue Bell for changing the ingredients in an ice cream flavor that use to be safe, but honestly it was MY fault for not double checking the ingredients.
Mooky was bound to have stomach troubles anyway due to eating sugar, but with the addition of gluten it is 10 times worse. He has only had sugar about 2 or 3 times a month since August. And sometimes not even that often. We have seen a big improvement in several areas when he is sugar free!
He had a great 17th birthday and I will try to get the pictures up soon!

We were given 7 rabbits and 4 cages from a neighbor who moved. She had planned to butcher 3 of them (4 months old) but ran out of time. So, I butchered the 3 within a couple days of getting them and was amazed at how easy and quick it is compared to butchering a chicken! Honestly, I did not kill them myself as they are awful cute and fluffy. Mooky did one, and then went in due to being sick, so Kris came out and did the other two for me. I am sure I could do it myself eventually. It got a lot easier with chickens the more I did it.
We gave one rabbit to Halcy who in return is going to share a recipe with us. RIGHT, Halc? Dont forget!! :o)
I cooked the other 2 this evening and they were delicious! I cooked them in the crock pot with some chicken broth and spices and made a gravy that we ate over rice. I was very proud of the kids that they didnt bat an eyelash. Just willingly tasted it and thought it was great. I know that I shouldnt expect any less of them but sometimes they do surprise me!