Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lots of kids

I might as well post some pictures even though I dont have time to write much...
Rio kidded with triplets, Velvet with twins.
Here's a typical barn yard scene. 7 kids visible in this pic.

Red is quite interested in meeting the new babies.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Newest Addition

This is Bean. He's a Texas Dahl Sheep.
His mother had twins and she rejected him, but accepted the other one.

I hope he's not scarred for life. Every time I think I have all the cactus spines out of him, I find 10 more.

She butted him away from her right into a cactus several times.

The other bottle babies accepted him right away. He's not shy, and he burrowed right in.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My migraine is gone, and in it's place is a headache that I can definitely live with! I got more done today than I have in a long time. I'm so thankful to be feeling better! And Kris is improving lots too. Mooky and Erinn were rather disappointed to have to do schoolwork today. Ha! They actually did do some while we were sick, and they learned LOTS (more) about running a household.

Ameraucana chicks in the brooder. I traded some Maran eggs for these chicks. Some of them will be unusual colors that I don't already have.

1-10 Thursday - we delivered the goats to the fair grounds, and stood in line for hours to weigh them and finish up paperwork. Arkansas weighed 61 pounds. If he had weighed 2 pounds less, he would have been disqualified. Whew! Buzz weighed 77 lbs. We got home after dark, and then Mum, Dad, and Alex showed up around 8. Dad was on his way to see Granny Ruth in Corpus, so he kindly dropped Mum and Alex off here to be angels of mercy. :o) AND THEY WERE!
Maran and Ameraucana eggs in the incubator.

1-11 Friday - Dad went on to Corpus, and the rest of us crammed into two trucks and spent the day inhaling cedar pollen and dust in Fredericksburg at the livestock show. We took the two bottle babies with us, because they needed to eat every two hours. (I ended up bottle feeding TWO of Maggie's triplets because the tiny boy was too weak to nurse, and it was too late to put the girl back.) When we got home we dropped off the goats and went straight down to a neighbor who had a lamb needing attention. The little lamb couldn't stand up, so couldn't nurse and follow it's mama. The neighbor really didn't want to raise a bottle baby so she gave it to us.

1-12 Saturday
- Dad got back from Corpus at 2 am or something like that. Mum and Alex cooked and cleaned like crazy until it was time for them to leave. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! That was such a blessing. The kids and I left the house around two to go to the 4-H sale in Fredericksburg. Business owners, and various individuals get together and bid on each kid's animal. The kid then gets to keep the animal, plus the amount that was bid on them. The ones who won grand champion, etc, got lots and lots of money (in the thousands) but everyone else got pretty much the same amount whether they got 4th place or 15th. We didn't get home until after 9pm. UGH. The little lamb died in the evening. I think she must have had some sort of injury or birth defect.

1-13 Sunday - RESTED.

Granny Ruth passed away peacefully in her sleep early this morning.

1-14Monday - Kris picked Belle's kid up after work. I didn't get anything done due to a migraine all day.

The newest kid (Belle X River)

I took about 20 pictures of her and had to delete most of them because they were blurry.

Mooky named her Sprite.

1-15 Tuesday - The septic tank had to be emptied today. I'll spare you the pictures of that. :o) Although, it was pretty funny to see Mad Cow, the goats, and the dogs all crowding around this poor guy who was just trying to get his job done.
I worked on the blog off and on today, in between school, laundry, house cleaning, etc.

Doing schoolwork again at last!

Popcorn enhances concentration.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Erinn named the triplets today. She usually gets them named faster, but we have been pretty busy lately!
The girl is named Little Mattie after her aunt, who was Maggie's twin sister. Mattie died last year after a rough delivery, and Maggie was heart broken! Maggie ended up almost dying too, but she pulled through.

The bigger boy is named Pepper.

Tiny Boy is named Sonny. That doesn't seem to fit him, so it might not stick. Or, we'll get used to it and it will fit him fine. :o)

Saturday morning, the 12th, Belle had twins. A boy and a girl. Kris went and picked the girl up today after work, and she took a bottle nicely when she got here. She is adorable! I'll get pictures tomorrow. Her twin brother is mostly black with a little white and brown, but she is brown with a few white spots.
Kris went back to work today, after 11 days of being really sick. He still isn't 100% but he made it through the day.
My head hurt so bad today that I didn't get anything but the "bare minimum" done. I am thinking I might have a sinus infection. Taking lots of silver, O7, herbs, etc etc!
I have lots to update on, but don't have time right now.

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