Thursday, October 01, 2009

I've been reading Ship Full of Pirates about the Feingold Diet and how beneficial it can be to kids who are "hyper", like I was as a kid, and like Mooky was. Mooky did benefit GREATLY from the Feingold Diet when he was a kid. He would have been even better off if I had known at that time that he was sensitive to gluten as well. This diet has been around a long time, because I was on it as a kid and that was about one hundred years ago, at least. :o)
I saw a link to Taylor's Fuzzy Brained Mice, and thought that was a really good illustration of how food dyes can affect people as well as animals.

Family Practice?

This is at Dr. Braun's office. Tana was doing schoolwork rather than getting an IV.
Erinn was getting her IV on the other side of the room.
Kiwi, Dad, Mum, and Montana

Erinn and Dr. Braun
The IV was terribly painful for Erinn, so it was a long 3 hours.

On our way home we picked up Zoe.
Here she is enjoying her smoothie.