Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pear Topping - mmmmmmmmm, good!

We were blessed with pears. LOTS and lots of pears!

The first thing I made started out to be pear butter, but I adapted a couple recipes and came up with Pear Topping. Hopefully we will like it on pancakes in place of syrup.
This is the recipe I used, but I put vanilla in instead of nutmeg. Mooky ate some over pears. LOL

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cousins Reunion

What do these two photos of the Cousins have in common?



Awash with Squash

When I saw Teresa on Saturday, I tried drowning them with squash but it didnt work because when I got home, the kitchen was still full of it!

So, today I made up the following recipe:

Peel, dice, and boil one butternut squash until just tender.

Drain water, and add the following ingredients to suit your tastes:
crushed pineapple
finely diced walnuts
raw honey
cinnamon (I added the cinnamon after tasting and taking the picture. It was definitely an improvement.)
It's kinda hard to use up a lot of winter squash with no sugar whatsoever, but I am determined!

Zoe's missing shoes.

(in Erinn's room, under the bed.)

Erinn is Home, as of August 22,

...after spending the week in the East. Nanay and Lolo very graciously took her with them to see Dr. Braun. She had blood drawn for the GOOD Lyme test, and for a food allergy test. Results should be in by the 31st. Dr. Braun also looked at her blood with a microscope and found mycoplasma and branhamella. She is on an antibiotic for that.
We are very happy to have her home again!!

Monday was Erinn's 13th birthday!