Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Black Hole

I read this great post on the Heart of Wisdom blog about how children like to organize, and it's true! I had already planned on asking Alex to put her problem solving skills to work on how to better organize our room, and so the blog post was good encouragement. Alex was happy to help me, and she came up with some really good suggestions. I have a LOT of MNAF stuff (books, cds, calendars, magnets, envelopes, etc, etc, etc!) and also about 12 clear plastic boxes of homemade goat milk soap that needed "a place." Also lots of sewing paraphernalia....

As in, a place for everything,

and everything in it's place!

Erinn started getting sick yesterday, and felt a lot worse today. She helped carry about three things before collapsing in exhaustion on the couch. She has a terrible sounding cough and sore throat.

I am only posting this picture of the BLACK HOLE because having such dreadful proof of the mess will be good incentive to clean it up! :o) This picture was taken AFTER we had worked for about two hours boxing up everything that didn't have a place. Some of that stuff got thrown on the bed because we ran out of boxes.

Here's Erinn, in the midst of her 3.5 hour nap.

And what's this? Oh no, I think I killed her! She slept for an hour.

Actually, she feels like she is getting sick too. Uh-oh.

And, to prove that I really did do some work today, here is the finished computer area.

Mooky's Gingerbread House?

Well, since I got some requests.... I'll go ahead and post the pics that Alex took for me while I was trying to crawl my way out of the black hole otherwise known as our room.

Ooops, it came crashing down. I wonder if that had anything to do with using pumpkin pie spice in the "icing cement" rather than the cream of tartar that the recipe called for?

I'm so glad Alex took pictures because by the time I got around to it all that was left was this:

Gingerbread "Houses"

Alex's Gingerbread Tent

They obviously had a great time creating their masterpieces.

Erinn's Gingerbread Stable

More Christmas pictures...

...somehow there managed to not be any pictures of Alex on yesterday's post. Maybe it was because it was Alex herself who posted for me??! :)

Here's the pic she wanted me to choose if I HAD to put one up of her on Thunder. When I complained that I couldn't see her face or Thunder's face, she said "Precisely!"

This one is a little better, but unfortunately I managed to not get any really good ones...

We played SWAP at GB's house on Tuesday.

Kris and Christopher (15, AKA Mooky)


Elizabeth (15) Alex (17) Erinn (11)

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Mooky's first wild turkey.

GB, Elizabeth, Granny Brenda, Loy

Elizabeth and Erinn (what the heck is she doing?)