Monday, March 30, 2009

The orphans are all sold - we only got $10 each, but they went to a good home just in time for us to not have to worry about how we would feed them while we were gone all day Saturday.
We survived the market booth, and even made a little money, despite the high winds!
Kris has been having increasing back problems since starting the job at WalMart - of course, they put him on the worst job - unloading the trucks... and they insisted on scheduling him 2-11PM, after agreeing not to... so he told them he couldn't do it anymore.
He and Mooky have been working for our wonderful neighbor since 8 this morning! They came home briefly for lunch and haven't been seen since.
Please pray for GB as she is in the hospital again with the same problem as last time. Also, pray for strength and rest for Loy. And while we're at it, pray for Kris' Uncle Jack. He has been having some difficulties and a lot of pain lately. I think they have gotten through the worst of it, but could still use prayer.
Erinn is finally feeling a lot better!