Saturday, October 06, 2007


Erinn took this picture on horseback! Doesn't it look professional?

GF Fluffy Pancakes

Dear Tana,
Have you made those GF "Fluffy Pancakes" yet?
I made them again yesterday and everyone loved them. Again. :o)
Even Uncle Kris liked them and he usually won't eat pancakes.
Let me know when you make butter.
love, "Aint Rach"

Onion Creek School

Grandpa's Black Buck deer

Onion Creek School, no longer in use. We drive past in on the way to the cabin. I'd love to see the inside!


This is one of Grandpa's buffalo out at the cabin.

This is a picture of the view from the top of the hill on the dirt road going out to the cabin.

The last several times I have tried, I have been unable to load pictures.
I am doing all the animal chores on my own this morning because Kris has taken the kids out to the cabin to feed and water the animals for his dad. It's a special treat for Mooky and Erinn to go places with "just Dad"! :o)
So, each time I come into the house from doing chores, I try to get another picture started downloading, and go back out! Most of the time the computer says "Internet Explorer can not display the web page" so I have to start all over. grr.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Message to Tana and Dalton

Dalton and Tana, we miss y'all!!!

And there's something I forgot to tell you before you left, although I think Tana already figured it out...

Remember all those homemade pizzas yall ate?

****They were made with homemade cheese. ****

And you didn't DIE! Amazing, huh? :o)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Butter and Cottage Cheese

I hope this picture will clearly show all the cream in this milk. I made butter with that cream today, and will make cottage cheese with the skimmed milk as soon as I have 5 gallons of it.

It is my goal to not buy ANY meat or dairy products (except yogurt starter occasionally) at the store. We will all be much healthier for it (not to mention that we'll be saving a lot of money), and hearing about the latest beef recall didnt even worry me a bit, for us. I hope none of yall had any of that ground beef?

Alex, I need to figure out how to add links to other people's websites and blogs on the sidebar... as soon as possible!

Kant Suk?

This Calf.... this orange torture device.... dont go together.

Our adventure for the day was trying to get this Kant Suk device into position on poor little Aileas (Pronounced: "AH lus") , without anyone getting squished by an unhappy calf. She may look small but she's got to weigh close to 400 pounds and she is super STRONG. I am hoping that this device will allow us to keep her with Lily for companionship, but stop her from stealing all the milk. We shall see...

BTW, we got Aileas from Teresa and Rob at Galloping Winds Ranch if anyone wants to go check out their really cool website.

So, the first thing to do was get her into the barnyard, which she was VERY happy to do after living down in the back pasture for two weeks. I am very pleased that she is still tame and sweet, happy to let me pet her all over. (I have been giving her attention, just not as much as before.) I am NOT so pleased to see that the flies are really bothering her and she has some raw looking spots around her eyes. I've got to figure out how to fix that problem.

Next thing to do was tie her up and put the thingie in her nose. Or, try to! It would have fit if we had forced it, but we could see that she would have been miserable and in pain if we had forced it in. It must be made for a younger calf, so we are going to have to order an adjustable one.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


The little banty that was setting up in the loft has endured being moved to a nest box, but still in the loft, then I took 10 of her eggs away because they were not fertile, then the next day we moved her box down to a small pen so we could put the hay in the loft. Throughout it all she kept right on setting patiently. Yesterday afternoon four tiny little chicks hatched out. They are so cute. In this picture, one of them is hiding under it's mama. I wish I had gotten a picture of Tana, Erinn, Zoe, and Nanay looking at them last night. Tana said she had never seen such a tiny chick.

Sad Goodbyes

Right after Mum left with the kids (thief!), Kris and Mooky left to go to the cabin. So, it got REALLY quiet with just me and Erinn here. I started washing up the milking stuff, and she went and laid on her bed. When I was ready to go out she went with me and helped me with the goats, and fed the pig for Mooky, and did a few more chores before going back in. She has been really quiet all day and even took a two hour nap on the couch.
The guys got home in time for lunch and Mooky was barely moving. In fact, we have all pretty much been bums this afternoon! :o)

Pokey and Zoe

Zoe and Pokey checking each other out..

Little and Zoe


Nanay and Zoe arrived Saturday evening! Zoe was coloring in her carseat behind Nanay in the van. Apparently she thought it would be more fun to color her face than to color the paper! We are so happy to see them, although sad that they are taking Dalton and Tana home. It's going to be a LOOOOONG drive for them today.

To be fair...

Here are some more "hardly working" people. The last two were unhappy with my choice of a title! :o) So, they grabbed the camera and went to get this picture.