Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Medicine and More GOOD HELP!

Update: Zoe left Thursday night after a 4 day visit. I was very impressed at how well she did away from home for so long, and without Gabby at least being here as well. It's Gabby's turn to come next time!
Kiwi and Rowdy arrived in Hico Thursday morning and on Friday they brought Tana down to us. Mooky and Dalton will be going back to East Texas with them to do some work for Rowdy. Tana has been a great help to me in more ways than one! Not only has she been helping with chores, but she perked Erinn right up. On Friday Erinn was able to play board games and a few things like that inside but was still too nauseous to go outside. But today she and Tana played in the sprinkler and helped me quite a bit. I am terribly behind on house work due to not having any helpers for so long. I had to be sure that none of the animals were neglected, and I still got all the meals on the table, but the rest of the housework really suffered.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hired Help

This week has been strange. Mooky and Daniel went to Johnson City on Monday to help Halcy and Erich move, and I brought Zoe home with me "for the day". It was expected to be just for one day, so the boys didn't take any clothes with them. It turned into a two night stay for Daniel, and Mooky STILL isn't home! We are so thankful that he has this opportunity to be a blessing to others. As of last night the moving was finished and he was at "The Farm"/Mum and Dad's place in Hico.

Zoe is still here, helping me with all my chores.

Good help is hard to find!
(She works hard for "Smoovies"!)

Zoe leads the goats to the milkroom.

Then she brings a bucket for horse and cow feed.

When it's time to milk she washes the udders for me!

Then she sits back and wonders why the milk machine is so loud!

REALLY behind!

Early this month Mooky spent a week in Hico and I didn't have time to blog about it because I was too busy trying to keep up with his chores and a sick girl. Erinn was sick for 6 days with what we thought was a terrible version of the stomach virus that we all had. Her symptoms were different from the rest of ours though, so I really dont know what it was.
She got sick again last Thursday (the 17th) and it got really bad Saturday evening. She has been in bed with a fever since then! I took her to the doctor yesterday and today we should hear the results of the blood test. If it IS a virus, it's a NASTY one!

Gabe, Daniel, and Mooky helping clean Nanay's kitchen!!