Friday, September 12, 2008

New Email

Thanks for all the emails!

Please pray for Kiwi and Rowdy today as they have gone to Houston to the dentist. Rowdy is in a lot of pain, and they are both exhausted as they were gone all day yesterday to the doctor and had to leave at 3 this morning to get to the dentist on time.

The 4 kids and I had a fun day yesterday, whizzing through the lists of chores and schoolwork and doing some extras too. Dalton went to help Boss (Rowdy's dad) for awhile in the afternoon and he probably will today as well.

I have a TON of wonderful pictures and Tana is going to try to help me figure out how to get them on here today. My camera has the same size "plug" as hers, so maybe we can do it!

We had no power from Saturday when Ike hit until Tuesday. There was no damage from the storm except for a huge branch that fell on the power line going to the travel trailer. We still need to cut that down since the power company wont do it. Things could have been SO much worse and we are very thankful for God's protection! Living in a tiny space is difficult, but living in a tiny space with no electricity in the Texas heat is even worse! So, it is truly a gift from God that we got some cool weather just in time for the power outage. We actally woke up COLD in the mornings! Isnt that great? And Rowdy had a small generator that he let us use to hook up to the freezer so our food didnt spoil.