Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Black Hole

I read this great post on the Heart of Wisdom blog about how children like to organize, and it's true! I had already planned on asking Alex to put her problem solving skills to work on how to better organize our room, and so the blog post was good encouragement. Alex was happy to help me, and she came up with some really good suggestions. I have a LOT of MNAF stuff (books, cds, calendars, magnets, envelopes, etc, etc, etc!) and also about 12 clear plastic boxes of homemade goat milk soap that needed "a place." Also lots of sewing paraphernalia....

As in, a place for everything,

and everything in it's place!

Erinn started getting sick yesterday, and felt a lot worse today. She helped carry about three things before collapsing in exhaustion on the couch. She has a terrible sounding cough and sore throat.

I am only posting this picture of the BLACK HOLE because having such dreadful proof of the mess will be good incentive to clean it up! :o) This picture was taken AFTER we had worked for about two hours boxing up everything that didn't have a place. Some of that stuff got thrown on the bed because we ran out of boxes.

Here's Erinn, in the midst of her 3.5 hour nap.

And what's this? Oh no, I think I killed her! She slept for an hour.

Actually, she feels like she is getting sick too. Uh-oh.

And, to prove that I really did do some work today, here is the finished computer area.


legendaryabundance said...

Must be something about "after the holidays" that makes us want to extreme clean!! We spent 2 days going through closets, cupboards, shelves, drawers etc...
I call my desk the abyss because "it" can be there one second and be gone in the next!! Doesn't matter what "it" is! could be a bill, could be a letter, could be ANYTHING!! So most of my time was spent there! FILING!! My problem is out of sight out of mind so if I don't see it, I must not have any bills :) My New Year resolution to be (please God...2008 is THE year!!!Amen..)more organized. EEEEEEEEKKKK! :)
So I just wanted to send some encouragment to you and some cyber chicken soup to the sickies - FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!

Teresa said...

Hope the girls are feeling better!!!!

Good job on the desk! Wanna come help me with MINE?! I had such great plans to spend my vacation cleaning house.... vacation? what vacation? clean house? in my dreams! It remains a project for another day.