Sunday, January 13, 2008


Erinn named the triplets today. She usually gets them named faster, but we have been pretty busy lately!
The girl is named Little Mattie after her aunt, who was Maggie's twin sister. Mattie died last year after a rough delivery, and Maggie was heart broken! Maggie ended up almost dying too, but she pulled through.

The bigger boy is named Pepper.

Tiny Boy is named Sonny. That doesn't seem to fit him, so it might not stick. Or, we'll get used to it and it will fit him fine. :o)

Saturday morning, the 12th, Belle had twins. A boy and a girl. Kris went and picked the girl up today after work, and she took a bottle nicely when she got here. She is adorable! I'll get pictures tomorrow. Her twin brother is mostly black with a little white and brown, but she is brown with a few white spots.
Kris went back to work today, after 11 days of being really sick. He still isn't 100% but he made it through the day.
My head hurt so bad today that I didn't get anything but the "bare minimum" done. I am thinking I might have a sinus infection. Taking lots of silver, O7, herbs, etc etc!
I have lots to update on, but don't have time right now.

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