Saturday, May 31, 2008

Evil Fireants

It was a race between the fire ants and us, to see who could get to the potatoes first. In past years, the fire ants have always been victorious. But, THIS year we beat them to it! Erinn dug up all these potatoes for me and found a LOT of little tiny ones. Too bad we couldn't let them get big, but it's either tiny potatoes or NO potatoes.

We have 10 keets and 3 chicks in the kitchen.

I took kid pictures at 5am yesterday.

This is our youngest group of orphans. The kid at the back is blind with some kind of eye infection, but hopefully he will get his sight back soon. He does not drink from the bucket, but rather gets individual bottles.

#6, Hoppy, #24, BB

This is the next oldest group. "Little Miss Magic", Dot, Dash, Puff.

And these are the pirhanas!

Bomber, Coco, Torpedo, Clyde, Swirly, and Warrior.

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