Monday, February 16, 2009

Planting potatoes! Anyone wanna hire a gardener? Contact Halcyon about this good little worker.

I love this picture of all the goats coming in from browsing and Liberty right there with them as always. :o)

Ready for morning milking. PJ loves Gabby, and can quite often be found wherever she is!

Look! I've hired a new kidsitter.

I have been looking up various things to print up to keep Gabby occupied while doing school with Mooky and Erinn and I came across some great stuff for older kids too!

Outline Maps
and more
Outline Maps!!

Mooky not only loves history, but he loves maps so this oughta be fun.

Gabby has mastered climbing to the top of the "swing steps", getting on the swing, and then letting loose - the palms of her hands got so red from holding on to the rope that I had to tell her to take a break. No more swinging until tomorrow. As soon as tomorrow arrived, she was right back out there. So, if she comes home with blistered hands Halcyon, at least you know I tried to prevent it!

Gabby has certain "chores" that she has assigned to herself. Like feeding Paquito, helping me milk, gathering eggs, etc. Then she has chores that I have assigned to her. Like washing the silverware, putting away clean silverware, practicing her handwriting, etc. She doesn't mind if someone takes over the chores I assigned, but if anyone does the chores that SHE assigned to herself she gets downright offended!!! LOL. Well, Gabby, I'm sorry but you were asleep and Paquito was hungry! I couldn't make him wait until you woke up. (Her solution to that was just to skip naps.)

What's really cool is that I can actually send her outside with a warm bottle and she can find the baby goat, fend off Red Wing (who is not really a bottle baby, but wants to be) and feed him the whole bottle successfully! Erinn is loving this. heh heh.

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