Sunday, April 19, 2009

PJ is not a normal deer. He can't jump fences. Here he is, begging me to let him through so he can eat with the goats. Normally, he stays in the back with Darlin' because she is nicer to him than the goats are, and he actually eats a good bit of her feed.

I havent posted in a long time because:
1. IT'S SPRING! Which means babies everywhere. Milking, gardening, soap making, homeschooling (as always) and MORE!
2. Erinn has had a fever since March 15. We've ruled out a lot of things, but still dont know what is wrong with her. Her regular doctor and one of his partners gave up and they'd love to have seen the last of us, which can be arranged! (Gladly.)
Twice she has had bouts with allergies, but mostly she just has a fever. A tiny bit of nausea off and on. A fever, which day after day wears her out, and makes her miserable. She spends most of her time in bed or on the couch.
We are trying to get her an appointment with an allergist this week.

Chocolate-Peppermint cookies! Or cake slices...


This one is Lavender.

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Danielle said...

Have you guys ruled out MONO and/or Lyme disease?