Saturday, May 09, 2009

Speaking of Gabby...

Halcyon posted about Gabby's lack of shyness on her blog. And it reminded me that I should update our blog. However, I don't have any pictures uploaded yet.

On Wednesday the 6th, Erinn had an appointment with an allergist in Boerne. We knew from the allergist in Kerrville that she didnt have any airborne allergy problems, but this appointment was to get food allergy testing done. They did the "scratch testing" or whatever it is called, on her back. Everything they tested for was negative. She is not allergic to anything. So, we are waiting on results of the blood test which is testing for celiac and EBV.

After the dr. appt, we met Halcy and Gabby at a really cool yarn shop called Ewe and Eye. Erinn bought some yarn and a crochet book. And Halcyon had brought some yarn to give to her so she has a room full of the stuff now since Tana also sent her quite a bit. I think it must be in her blood to love yarn.

Gabby came home with us and has been doing all of Erinn's chores ever since. :)
Just kidding. She's not quite old enough to do that, but she is being as much help to me as she can. We were in the garden one morning and I told her that she could go out to play because I didnt need any help and she said, "Oh no! I came here to be a helper, not to play!"

Kiwi called me from Doc's on Wednesday to tell me that Doc said the Elisa test for Lyme Disease is not reliable, and we should consider getting the Igenex test done. I am sure she had told me that before, but I had forgotten about it. With all the other testing turning up nothing, we are praying about getting the Igenex test done. Of course, the insurance won't pay for it so that is a problem. The very next morning (Thursday) a friend in Harper called and very excitedly started telling me all about someone whose daughter has been sick for over a year with symptoms very like Erinn's. She goes to school in Harper and has been to many many doctors in this area, all of whom could not figure out what was wrong with her. She had many of the same tests Erinn has had, including the Elisa test for Lyme, which was negative.
Finally, somehow, they went to a doctor in Denton who tested for Lyme disease using the Igenex lab and it was positive. Then their doctor here told them "We don't have any lyme disease in this area." Ha!

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A day in the life... said...

oh Rachel I really hope you can get some answers soon! :( Give our love to sweet Erinn. So glad you could spend Mother's Day with Nana & the 'Sisters' :) Much love to all!!