Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PJ and the goats, eating in the barn.
Teresa's goat Picasso is the one in the middle.
I am teaching him to lead without spazzing out, and it's quite the adventure.
I work with him twice a day before feeding time. We're at the point where he still runs from me, but when I get him cornered and grab his collar he doesnt freak anymore. He seems resigned to having to take a walk before he can eat. He's a gorgeous boy - cant wait to see what colors of kids we get from Ailei, Sparrow, and Vanilla.

I planted 5 pumpkin seeds and they produced WAY too many pumpkins.


Teresa said...

Wow - Picasso has grown!! :)
Sorry he's being a freak about leading - and THANKS so much for working with him!!!!

Nice pumpkins!!! Just think of all the pumpkin foods you can make with those! Pumpkin flan, pumpkin butter, pumpkin soup, etc. :) Pumpkins seeds are really tasty too ... sprinkled with just a hint of sea salt. Mmmmm. :) The goats will eat the rinds, right? Or do you need to borrow a cow or two for those? :D Gee, you could always sell them for Halloween decor too... if you get sick of pumpkin stuff. ;)

FourMileFarm said...

I thought you might like to see that pic. :o) Don't worry, he's not being TOO much of a freak. LOL He's actually a quick learner. Either that, or very food motivated!

The pumpkins are all fairly small, thank goodness! Hmmm... pumpkin butter? Hadnt heard of that one - I will go see if I can find recipes. thanks!

How was your trip? Was everything ok at home when you got back?